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On most sites, commission is the culprit for high-priced insurance and investment products. Instead, we take on average 75% less commission than other providers, and we even offer investments at a flat rate with zero commission attached. This model makes our prices the most competitive around, all for the same premium quality cover.


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The majority of customers online today know exactly what they want - what we aim to do is make it as simple as possible for them to get it. When it comes to price, our belief is this: if you know what you're after, you won't need advice, and if you don't need advice then we won't charge you premium rates. Sound simple? We're glad you agree.

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Downing Crowd Bonds

Crowd bonds offer a fixed rate of interest, repaying on a predetermined date and are generally secured against specific assets such as property, renewable energy and leisure venues.

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Structured Products

We provide Structured Product investments to both private and corporate investors on an advised and non-advised basis. Straightforward, affordable and an arrangement fee of just 0.5%* per investment, we can help you make the most of your money.

Finding the best insurance quotes shouldn't cost you a thing, so here you'll get a great range of cover to compare quotes from, all for free. All insurance comes from the UK's leading providers, and whether it's car insurance, home insurance, legal protection or excess protection, you'll be able to find the best quotes for your budget in just a few simple clicks.

We like to keep the costs down, but that doesn't mean we'll provide anything less than top quality products. Best Price FS will help you find the same insurance and services from the same providers, just for that much cheaper. Affordability is the top priority, so forget other comparison sites - choose Best Price FS for all your insurance and investment needs.