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If you are an experienced investor and looking for a tax-efficient addition to your portfolio, then investing in a Venture Capital Trust (VCT) could provide a compelling solution. Many investors have been looking to alternative tax-efficient asset classes for returns in recent years, against a backdrop of pension contribution limits tightening, Capital Gains Tax limits reducing, a struggle to find portfolio income elsewhere and a reliable source of tax relief in an otherwise uncertain tax landscape.

VCT investments, which encourage individuals to invest in small, unquoted companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, represent such an opportunity. This scheme gives early-stage businesses the funds they need to grow and develop, whilst providing investors with many attractive benefits, such as income tax relief of up to 30% for up to £200,000 annual investment.

At Best Price Financial Services Ltd, we are highly experienced in providing expert advice on a range of HMRC-endorsed tax planning products and solutions for high-net-worth and additional-rate taxpayers. We also do this at the lowest cost you are likely to find, giving you the perfect platform to provide fledging companies with essential financial support whilst carefully expanding your investment portfolio.

What are venture capital trusts?

A Venture Capital Trust, or VCT, is a publicly listed investment company run by a fund manager and quoted on the London Stock Exchange. There are often between 20-70 young, innovative and higher-risk trading companies within these schemes, all of which require a significant investment of capital to help them grow. These businesses qualify for VCT investment if6they employ less than 250 members of staff and possess gross assets of £15 million or less before investment and no more than £16 million post-investment.

The UK government encourages venture capital trust investments because they create jobs within these small companies and support economic growth. VCTs also give shareholders a flurry of generous tax benefits to compensate for the higher level of risk involved, including:

To help compensate for the higher level of risk involved, the government offers generous tax benefits:

    High annual allowance
    Invest up to £200,000 per tax year.

    Up to 30% tax relief
    Save up to £60,000 on income tax when you invest in newly issued VCT shares, provided they are held for at least five years.

    Tax-free dividends
    No Income Tax is payable on dividends from ordinary shares in VCTs.

    Tax-free growth
    No CGT on gains from disposals of ordinary shares in VCTs.

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At Best Price Financial Services Ltd, we can introduce you to various VCT investment schemes and provide expert advice on tax planning solutions that meets your needs. We are able to arrange VCTs through ALL of the main UK recognised providers, including:






    Triple Point







Your perfect partner for VCT investments

As VCTs are high risk investments, VCT providers encourage investors to take advice from a regulated professional adviser to ensure that investing in a VCT is beneficial to your overall investment portfolio.

This is where we come in. Within our assessment, we will look at your personal tax circumstances, previous investment experience, attitude to risk and capacity for loss to ensure that the product is suitable for your needs. We are fully regulated and authorised by the FCA to provide advice on tax planning products, which means that in the event that the product was not suitable to meet an individual’s needs, the investor has recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) to independently assess the merits of the advice provided. We are required to seek to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and are obliged to carry professional indemnity insurance in this regard. If you were to purchase a VCT from a regulated distributor on a non-advised basis, you would not receive the same level of service or the reassurance of FOS protection.

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We are confident that our fees for providing advice on this type of investment are the lowest that you will find anywhere. Our fees are 1% of the amount invested, subject to a minimum of £300

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