Motor Excess Insurance

Insure against paying your voluntary AND compulsory motor excess.

Excess Insurance pays your motor insurance excess fee if you make a claim, so you aren’t left out of pocket.  

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Family Multi-Vehicle Excess Insurance

Multiple claims  

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What is Excess Insurance?

If your claim is £900 and your policy excess is £500, your insurance provider will pay only £400 of the cost, leaving you to make up the balance of £500. Motor Excess Insurance pays you back the excess premium you have to pay.

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Instant benefits

Motor Excess Insurance covers you for fire, theft or attempted theft, flood or vandalism or an accident that was your fault or partially your fault, or where a third party is unable to recover your excess.

Multiple claims

You can make multiple claims up to the annual aggregate limit of your excess policy.

Choose your excess

Cover benefit options available range between £250 – £2000.

Third party claims

Peace of mind when you can’t recover costs from a third party.

24hr Claims Helpline

Our claims line staff are available round the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you in the event of a claim.

Family policy

Family members who are named in the main insurance policy and live with you.

Cover for your vehicles

This policy covers different types of vehicles: including cars, motorbikes, and small vans.

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Did you know?

Inflationary pressures and a post pandemic increase in claims means your insurance premium and excess could increase this year. So for a relatively minor claim, you may end up paying a large amount towards the claim due to the excess on your policy.

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What does Excess Protection Insurance cover? 

The excess where there has been a claim for:

    Damage as a result of fire

    An accident regardless of who is at fault

    A vehicle that is stolen and recovered damaged

    A vehicle vandalised by a third party

    A collision with an uninsured driver

Excess Protection Insurance doesn’t apply if:

    An incident happens before the start date of the policy

    No excess is paid out

    A claim for less than the amount of the excess is unsuccessful

    A claim is for glass or windscreen replacement

    A claim is made that the motor insurer doesn’t provide cover for

Motor Excess Insurance

Motor Excess Protection is designed to protect you against the risk of incurring a motor policy excess payment or deduction in the event of a claim under your motor insurance policy.

You are covered for an amount equal to the excess in relation to each settled claim on your main personal motor vehicle insurance policy up to the annual aggregate limit of your XS policy in respect of claims arising from a motor insurance claim only.

A motor vehicle can be a private car, motorbike or light commercial vehicle which is registered at your home address, used for social and domestic purposes and commuting to your usual place of work, it must carry not more than seven passengers and not exceed 3.5 tonnes, of which you are the owner or which you are authorised to drive.

This Personal Vehicle XS policy covers one motor vehicle only and the vehicle be insured by a main insurance policy.

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your motor insurance policy following a settled claim provided for a single motor vehicle.

You are also covered where you have been unsuccessful in recovering the excess cost from a third party within six months of making a valid claim against them under your main insurance policy.

Family Multi-vehicle Excess

Where your family vehicles are insured under a multi vehicle insurance policy, this insurance will cover three vehicles that are owned by your family and will reimburse the excess relating to settled claims on your main multi vehicle insurance policy.

Policyholder or family members vehicles are covered if used for social, domestic, pleasure, commuting and personal business use.

Making a claim

Our claims service is designed to help you in a time of stress when you may be worried or frantic. We will deal with your claim with little fuss and get the wheels rolling to sort out your issue straight away.

If you need to contact us or need to make a claim you can call the Davies Group directly on 0344 8562106, or by starting the process by clicking here or write to Financial & Legal insurance company Limited, No.1 Lakeside, Cheadle Royal Business Park, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 3GW

Frequently asked questions 

We provide a quality, affordable alternative to buying cover with your motor insurer. You'll get the same peace of mind on the road, all for up to 40% cheaper than a typical car insurer.

Cover is provided for the reimbursement of the excess of your insurance policy following a settled claim made by your insurer. The claim must exceed the value of the excess policy for you to be able to make a claim for reimbursement of the excess value. We will not reimburse you for any claim you make under your excess insurance policy within the first 30 days immediately following the start date of cover unless this insurance was taken out at the same time as your main insurance policy.

This policy will cover the named holder of the policy along with anyone else who is entitled to ride or drive the insured vehicle (and is covered under a motor insurance policy).

This policy covers you in the vehicle you're insured to drive. This includes cars, motorcycles and small vans.

Motor excess protect from Best Price FS is administered by Nice 1 Insurance and underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA) which is fully owned by the AXA Assistance Group.