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Structured Products

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Our 'STAR Structured Product Provider' profile pages highlight each star provider, the additional support and services available to investors, and their products.

Counterparty Scorecards

The Tempo Issuer & Counterparty Scorecards (‘TICS’), for investors who want to understand more about the strength of banks behind structured products.


Our 'Structured Product Academy' provides an educational resource for investors wanting to know more about structured products

Introduction to a FTSE 100 - Conditional Quarterly Autocall

Hilbert Investments Solutions talk us through some of the key features of their latest product which is closing later this week

Introduction to a FTSE 100 - Defensive Autocall

Structured products are often viewed as complex investments. Using the video it was found that 90% of retail investors understood the features and more importantly the risks of these investments. Furthermore 40% of this group found that a product such as this met one or more of their investments needs (Growth/Income & Growth).